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kpop20in20's Journal

kpop 20 in 20
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All Members , Moderated
KPOP20in20Kpop20in20 got the idea from celeb20in20 and icons20in20 where you submit 20 icons in 20 days. Rules and info about submission and voting will be discussed below.

• You must be a member in order to participate.
• You must sign up each round. Be sure that you're going to submit your icons.
• You only have to pick one Kpop artist each round.
• If you are choosing a member of a band, be precise on which band it is.
• First come first serve. First one to pick the artist gets to icon them in that round.
• You cannot choose the same kpop artist twice in a row.
• Sign ups will be closed and those who are listed will be given posting access.
• You are also going to be given the format and table to be used each round.
• Tags of your name will be made. Please use them when submitting your entries.
• You are given 20 days to submit your 20 icons.
Failed to submit the 20 icons after the time given will automatically get you a prohibition to join the next 2 rows of rounds.
• Post a 3-4 icon teaser and cut the rest or provide links to your journal.
• If you are posting in your journal, please make the post public.
• Icons are in LJ-standard form, 40kb or less and no animation unless it's a theme or category.

THEMES - Each round, mod will give out 10 different themes. You make 10 icons that suit each theme. Mod will alternate themes each round.
CATEGORY - Each round there will be a category. You make 5 icons that fits with the category given.
ARTIST'S CHOICE - This is your choice. You make 5 icons of whatever you want from the kpop artist you signed up with that round.
• You can suggest a theme or category here
• Themes, Category and Artist's Choice have different voting posts.
• Make sure to vote in those separate posts.
• Do not vote for your own icons or have someone vote for you.

Please do apply here if you are interested to be one of the banner makers.

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